Write lyrics to a melody to create a unique song-poem. Produced by Independent Lens/Off the Charts.

Explore music frequency and how it manifests in the sounds around us. Change the frequency balance in common sounds, such as the sound of a rooster, ferry, lion and laughter, and note the effects the changes have on the sounds. … Continue reading

Students will listen as Aunt Pearlie Sue tells a story about what enslaved children might do on the plantation. She also teaches a Gullah play song that might be sung by the children. Lets play! Sing along with Rev. as … Continue reading

It’s up to you to build a museum exhibit based on SIMON SCHAMA’S POWER OF ART. Can you place the art in chronological order and curate the exhibit before the museum opens? Produced by WNET/Simon Schama’s Power of Art.

Learn about how artists use a soft, temporary material to cast an object from a hard material such as concrete or metal. Step through the process of casting with this interactive. Produced by ETV/Artopia.

Use this online tool to create your own painting. Produced by Tate Kids.

Learn how painters sometimes use a grid to transfer an image from a small photograph or drawing to a larger surface. Produced by ETV/Artopia.

This interactive reveals common traits that will help you to recognize an image of the Buddha and to understand the meanings of the five most common hand gestures—or mudras—used in Buddhist art. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

Examine the steps artists use to create a painting, from sketch to finished canvas, with this interactive tool. Produced by ETV/Artopia.

In the Painting section of the Artopia website (a web-based arts experience for middle school students) students can learn about paintings, painters, the painting process and critiquing art through a variety of interactive experiences. Produced by ETV/Artopia.

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