In the Dance section of the Artopia website (a web-based arts experience for middle school students) students can learn about dancing, dancers and the process of critiquing dance through a variety of interactive experiences. Produced by ETV/Artopia.

Take a quick, one-minute tour through the history of dance, and learn about some famous choreographers throughout history. Explore the genres of this art form that combines movement and rhythm in a pattern of steps to fit the beat of … Continue reading

Try restoring paintings in the Tate Collection through this fun online tool. Produced by Tate Kids.

Students will understand how enslaved Africans created music for their worship experience. Religious meetings in “praise houses” provided the spiritual outlet for enslaved Africans on the plantation and resembled West African communal traditions. The “ring shout” included rhythmic hand clapping, … Continue reading

Identify the path or pattern a dancer makes through space as he or she performs a dance step. Watch solo dancers and try to match their pathways to the appropriate diagram. Produced by ETV/Artopia.

Explore the additive sculpting process of modeling. Learn how an object is modeled with clay or wax and how the sculpture can then be used in casting. Produced by ETV/Artopia.

Learn the language of dance by examining motif notation, the symbols that stand for dance movements. Test your knowledge of motif notation by watching a dance phrase and placing the symbols for each movement in the correct order shown. Produced … Continue reading

See if you can tell a fake from a genuine van Gogh, and hear how one team of computer scientists did it. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

Batter up! This multimedia exploration introduces you to the all-stars of the orchestra: the instruments. Produced by The Kennedy Center/ArtsEdge.

Explore the work of a music producer with this online interactive. Select a musical style and re-mix it, adjusting the volume of the instruments to create an original musical composition. Produced by ETV/Artopia.

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