Use this online tool to create street art using spray paint, paint and brushes, stickers and stencils. Produced by Tate Kids.

Discover facts about a mysterious art object at Tate Britain through this online interactive. Produced by Tate Kids.

Make your own online works of art including collages, mobiles and spinning 3-d objects. Produced by National Gallery of Art/The Art Zone.

In the Sculpture section of the Artopia website (a web-based arts experience for middle school students) students can learn about sculptures, sculptors, the sculpting process and critiquing art, through a variety of interactive experiences. Produced by ETV/Artopia.

Make different rhythms using this online Dhol drum player. Produced by BBC/World on Your Street.

Students will understand that music and material culture became a mode of covert communication between slaves. Aunt Pearlie Sue is our guide as students uncover hidden messages in the work songs enslaved Africans sang in the fields. And, some believe … Continue reading

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