You will be given a hint along with a definition.  You must then type the word(s). Produced by

Drag and drop the letters into the correct order. Produced by

Take various quizzes in multiple languages and covering multiple topics – see the list on the right side of the website. Produced by The Internet TESL Journal/Activities for ESL Students.

A story about the special relationship between a child and her grandmother, and a treasured keepsake – her grandmother’s hair bows. Produced by International Children’s Digital Library.

Play various word games – matching, spelling, and concentration – to practice your English skills. Produced by

Try your hand at various matching quizzes. Produced by

Practice your spelling and review vocabulary while having fun!  Catch the letters in the correct order. Produced by

Click the letters in the right order to spell the English word before you run out of time. Produced by

Follow the paths to spell out the words – watch out, though, some are false! Produced by

Play a vocabulary game to learn numbers. Produced by  

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