In this interactive activity adapted from the National Library of Medicine, explore the environmental hazards found at various coastal locations, including beaches, coastal brownfields, cruise ships, fish farms, homes, marinas and boats, power plants, storage tanks and pipelines, and wastewater … Continue reading

Toxie the cat leads kids from room to room in a typical house, pointing out chemical hazards like carbon monoxide, lead, chlorine, and radon, in this interactive activity from the National Library of Medicine. After clicking on each hazard, students … Continue reading

An interactive timeline of the science, politics, activism, cultural milestones and spread of the AIDS pandemic. Produced by WGBH/Frontline.

Try mouse-racing experiments to learn how drugs that mimic exercise were discovered and how they work. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

Should we create human embryonic stem cells through cloning? Produced by WGBH/Nova.

Hear from roboticist Yoky Matsuoka about her lab’s bionic hand, why John McEnroe was her childhood idol, and more. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

In this slide show, see wild species that gave rise to penicillin, morphine, and other medications. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

Follow the steps a chemist takes to synthesize a disease-fighting drug. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

Your challenge is to beat the other balloonists’ times by reaching the finish line without crashing. Produced by TPT/DragonflyTV.

Take a look at historical photos tracing milestones in military medicine, and test your knowledge of what they are. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

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