In this interactive activity adapted from the HHMI Outreach Program at Harvard University, learn about the ways in which stem cells can be used to treat and help cure diseases in humans. The activity explains what stem cells are and … Continue reading

In this interactive game adapted from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, students on a fishing trip try to catch different types of fish. Once a player catches a fish, he or she decides to keep it or throw it back, … Continue reading

In this interactive activity adapted from the Dolan DNA Learning Center, examine the techniques geneticists use to read a sequence of DNA fragments. Sequencing enables scientists to analyze DNA and ultimately piece together the genomes of living organisms. The activity … Continue reading

Gluten holds the gases produced when dough rises, and provides the structure of a loaf once it is baked. But first, gluten’s stretchy consistency must be developed through mixing and kneading. Produced by Exploratorium.

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