This interactive activity, adapted from material provided by the ECHO partners, presents three accounts of the story of the wreck and attempted salvage of the whaling ship Corinthian. The documents include a ship’s log from another whaler, the George Howland, … Continue reading

Students will understand the components that make up a script including characters, background, setting, acts, and scenes. This animated interactive job exploration experience connects schoolwork with real work and familiarizes students with some of the skills involved in play writing. … Continue reading

Students will understand the traditional blues form that contains three four-measure phrases that follow the pattern AAB. Let Reverend Leroy show you how to express your sad feelings by composing a blues song. Produced by ETV/Gullah Net.

In this interactive, six themes are used as lenses to explore the American novel throughout its history. Produced by WNET/The American Novel.

Like to make a scene? Here’s your chance! Use characters and dialogue to create your own story. Produced by PBS Kids GO!/It’s My Life.

View a timeline of the life and career of Ralph Ellison. Produced by Thirteen/American Masters.

William Shakespeare was staggeringly prolific; during his career he probably wrote more than 40 plays. The complete text of 38 of these have survived to the present day. They are presented here with the shortest synopses imaginable, approximate modern-day ratings, … Continue reading

Romola Garai, who plays Emma in Masterpiece’s “Emma”, introduces her fellow actors and the characters they play through an audio slideshow. Produced by WGBH/Masterpiece.

Write your own diamond-shaped poem. Produced by ReadWriteThink.

Learning poetry’s special characteristics can help students understand, appreciate, and compose poetry. One defining characteristic of poetry is the use of line breaks to create rhythm and rhyme, suggest meaning, and produce a particular appearance. The Line Break Explorer engages … Continue reading

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