Scroll over the map to find out about the different wolf packs of Yellowstone and learn in which of the territories of the park they roam. Produced by WNET/Nature.

With a multimedia map, see the islands as they are today and learn how they inspired Darwin. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

Were people in North America long before the “first Americans”? Investigate the evidence using this interactive map. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

The Ocean Adventures team has opened up their collective journal, kept throughout the expedition, to share with the public their thoughts and experiences along the way. Read through the excerpted entries below to learn about daily life aboard the Searcher … Continue reading

Join NPR on a year-long expedition around the world to explore how climate changes people and how people change climate.  Click on a topic to explore a global warming issue, or click on a map region to see what we … Continue reading

There are currently seventeen identified penguin species living around the world, from the equator to the Antarctic.  In the Antarctic, it has been said, there are only two kinds of penguins: the white ones coming toward you, and the black … Continue reading

The Isle of Mull is the fourth largest Scottish island, and its 300-mile coastline supports a wide range of species. Follow filmmaker Gordon Buchanan to his favorite locations on and around the island. Produced by WNET/Nature.

We know that Edgar Allan Poe lived in Baltimore during the early part of the 1830s. But what kind of a place was Baltimore then? Produced by MPT/Knowing Poe.

Join a pod of gray whales on their migration from Baja California, Mexico back to their Arctic feeding grounds and see what they encounter. Produced by KQED/Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures.

On our global map, see if you can find where origins researchers have made—and in many cases will continue to make—many of the most important origins-related discoveries of our time. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

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