Explore places around the world with high numbers of endangered species, and see some of the creatures affected. Produced by WNET/Nature.

The city of London was where the author resided for most of his life, starting from the age of 10, and it’s where all his stories start. Learn more about several locations in the teeming metropolis where Dickens spent his … Continue reading

Crocodiles are not the only crocodilians. There are also caiman, gavials, and of course alligators. All told, these hardy reptiles are found in 91 countries—from Belize’s freshwater pools, where Morelet’s crocodile lurks, to the marshy riverbeds of China’s Yangtze River, … Continue reading

Each of the 13 National Marine Sanctuaries protects a unique marine area.  Click on a sanctuary to view photos, watch videos, and see what makes that area so extraordinary. Produced by KQED/Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures.

Click around the maps to find out how many bald eagle breeding pairs there were in each of the lower forty-eight states from 1990 to 2000. Produced by WNET/Nature.

Oliver’s London is an interactive map that will introduce you to the journey that Oliver took in his adventures throughout the city. Produced by WGBH/Masterpiece.

Click on the map to explore the places that Shakespeare knew. The England of Shakespeare’s time was predominantly rural, and virtually untouched by human hand. The population of the entire country was probably around 3 million, compared to nearly 60 … Continue reading

An interactive map tracing Lewis & Clark’s historic journey. Produced by PBS/Lewis & Clark.

An interactive exploring the history of four plants and their evolving relationships with humanity. Produced by KQED/The Botany of Desire.

A series of four interactive maps exploring the geographical dimension of four great eras of Western music. Produced by PBS/Keeping Score.

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