Examine global population growth over the past two millennia, and see what’s coming in the next 50 years. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

Interactive maps of Ancient Egypt. Produced by WNET/Secrets of the Pharaohs.

With our world map, explore eight of the deadliest tsunamis of the past and see where the next big one could strike. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

Match 14 dogs to the environment they were bred for, from the rugged mountains of Argentina to the Australian outback. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

Kilauea is one of the world’s most active volcanoes, ejecting molten lava, gas, and ash onto the Earth’s surface, and inspiring awe and wonder in those who witness its fury. As the lava travels, it changes the landscape, leaving in … Continue reading

Click on any state in this interactive map to see the number of current seats it’s represented by in Congress (based on the 2010 Census population figures) and the change – if any – since 2000. The darker the shade … Continue reading

In these interactive maps, see the percentage of undocumented immigrants in California, as well as in the other 49 states. Produced by KQED News Education.  

Click on the markers on this interactive map for undergraduate cost and debt information from California. California State University’s 23 undergraduate campuses are in blue. University of California’s nine campuses (excluding UCSF) are in red. Produced by KQED News Education.

Click each county on the map in this interactive for stats on California’s eligible and registered voters, as well as a breakdown of political party affiliation (but keep in mind there’s a big difference between registered and “likely” voters). The … Continue reading

California’s realignment process has resulted in many more new low-level offenders placed under county supervision rather than being put in the state prison system. Although the overall jail population has not changed significantly, many counties across the state have experienced … Continue reading

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