Explore this virtual kitchen and perform online experiments to solve a puzzle and get a reward. Produced by WGBH/ZOOM.

See exactly how your heart pumps blood throughout your body and learn astounding facts about the human heart. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

PBS LearningMedia™ is your destination for easy, instant access to tens of thousands of classroom-ready, digital resources including videos and interactives perfect for the Interactive Whiteboard, plus audio and photos, and even in-depth lesson plans.  Browse a collection of interactive … Continue reading

Think like a mathematician in this digital learning adventure for pre-algebra students. Work through intriguing math-based puzzles while immersed in an exciting narrative in which students work to find their lost pet and save the world from curious, quirky creatures! … Continue reading

Learn about effective ways to manage your money through fun interactive simulations, which challenge you to earn, spend, save, and invest virtual money. Explore the real cost of credit cards, learn how to manage a household budget and try planning … Continue reading

NOVA Online has developed its own version of a fire-growth computer simulation. Its purpose is to show how conditions such as wind speed and direction can affect a fire’s spread and to show how firefighters use firelines and backfires to … Continue reading

Examine airfoil aerodynamics and the history of the building of the Colditz Glider, constructed by two WWII POWs in a failed attempt to escape from a German prison in 1943. Fly a virtual glider in this online interactive activity. Produced … Continue reading

It’s only natural that we’re curious about Neanderthals, our hominid kin who, on an evolutionary time scale, died off so recently. How intelligent were they? Did they interact with Cro Magnons? How closely related were they to us? And then … Continue reading

Enter our virtual NOVA operating theatre, where you will be given a scalpel and perform a heart transplant of your own. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

In May of 1943, nineteen allied Lancaster bombers swooped down on Germany, each armed with a cylindrical bomb designed to bounce across the water and off the wall of an enemy dam.  A special modification spun each bomb backwards before … Continue reading

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