Get to know phenomenal writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of the most prominent American writers in the 20th-century. Produced by Thirteen/American Masters.

An interactive timeline of 200 years of the American novel. Produced by WNET/The American Novel.

View a timeline of Arthur Miller’s life and career. Produced by Thirteen/American Masters.

View a timeline of the life and career of Ernest Hemingway. Produced by Thirteen/American Masters.

Explore the history of knowledge about how the human heart works — from development of the model of the blood system in 1628 to the creation of artificial heart muscle tissue using human embryonic stem cells in 2007 — using … Continue reading

Certain microbes evolve defenses against every antibiotic we throw at them. Staph aureus is a sobering case in point. Produced by WGBH/Nova.

An interactive timeline about the Womens’ Suffrage Movement Produced by WETA/Not For Ourselves Alone.

An interactive timeline of the life and campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte. Produced by PBS/Napoleon.

An interactive timeline of the life of the prophet Muhammad. Produced by PBS/Muhammad.

Four interactive historical timelines about the history of the Middle East. Produced by WETA/America at the Crossroads.

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