An annotated timeline using video and archival images to present historical moments which shaped Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Times. Produced by KCET/Inventing L.A.

A timeline of Jewish history. Produced by WNET/Heritage: Civilization and the Jews.

A multimedia timeline of innovations in military tactics and technology. Produced by WNET/Ground War.

An interactive timeline about how religious ideas and spiritual experiences have shaped America’s public life over the last 400 years. Produced by PBS/God in America.

An interactive historical timeline of Asian American history. Produced by PBS/Ancestors in America.

A multimedia timeline of African America history in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Produced by WNET/Black in Latin America.

An interactive timeline tracing the chronology of Russian culture. Produced by WETA/The Face of Russia.

An interactive timeline of the personalities and intrigue of the Allied Alliance in WWII. Produced by PBS/Behind Closed Doors.

An interactive map timeline of the U.S.-Mexican relations. Produced by PBS/U.S.-Mexican War.

An interactive timeline of Winston Churchill’s life and accomplishments. Produced by PBS/Churchill.

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