Crossword Puzzles

Nothing tests your knowledge like a crossword puzzle. But did you know the format of a crossword puzzle can be an effective teaching tool, too? Using this tool, children and teens can solve ready-made puzzles designed around grade-appropriate topics. Solving a crossword puzzle can teach new words, the meanings of those words, and how to spell them. They also can jump into the driver’s seat and create their own puzzles. Choosing their own topics and mapping out their own puzzles develops big-picture thinking. To create a puzzle from scratch, children and teens must demonstrate deeper knowledge of the topic and the words that will serve as the puzzle’s answers. Coming up with clues sharpens communication skills. It’s an art to write a clue that gives just a hint, but enough for someone to say, “Aha! I know the answer to 1 down!”

Produced by ReadWriteThink.