Design Squad Nation

WATCH: Designed to increase children’s awareness and understanding of engineering, the Emmy and Peabody Award–winning television series follows two teams of teens as they design and build projects for real world clients—from constructing cardboard furniture for IKEA to designing peanut butter makers for a women’s collective in Haiti. Its spin-off television series, Design Squad Nation, showcases engineer co-hosts Judy and Adam as they travel across the country, working side by side with teens to turn their dreams into reality through engineering. Tackling an array of engineering projects—including a pedal-powered bike organ, a water-saving toilet, and a human-powered flying machine—the show aims to get kids thinking about the creativity and fun.

PLAY & SHARE: The Design Squad Nation website is an online destination for kids, tweens, and teens that promotes the message: You are creative and can solve problems. You can make things that help people. You can dream big. Join Design Squad Nation and let’s build something together. On the site, kids can post real-life solutions to real-world problems and respond to challenges by sketching and building their own prototypes. New features in development include a system to reward engaged fans with badges and points, a community-wide leaderboard, options to play as a team, and more ways to customize and share your profile.

SEE how Design Squad has helped a Cleveland-area high school teacher open young minds to the world of engineering.


NASA and DESIGN SQUAD developed an online workshop for educators and afterschool leaders who want to build their skills and confidence in guiding kids through engineering activities. Whether you’re experienced or new at this, you’ll come away with insights and strategies for strengthening your kids’ critical-thinking abilities and getting them excited about using the design process, the series of steps engineers use to arrive at solutions.

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Design Squad’s educational resources include 6 educators’ guides (containing step-by-step directions and leaders’ notes for 40 activities) targeted to afterschool providers, engineers, and teachers.

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(Also available in Spanish).

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