NewsHour Student Reporting Labs

About The Student Reporting Labs
Recognizing that informed and engaged young people are critical for a healthy democracy, the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab connects high school students to local PBS stations and news professionals in their community to produce original, student-generated news video reports. The young people who participate in the project learn how to report, problem-solve, synthesize information and investigate important topics: journalism as a form of learning.

The project also includes a news literacy/digital media curriculum and online collaborative space designed to transform their understanding of news, build a foundation of civic engagement and spark a life-long interest in current events.

The Reporting Labs were made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

“I’m going to apply the skills I learned to everything I do. I look at media in a completely different way. This has helped me figure out what I want to do.” – Shauna, a 10th grader at the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush in Philadelphia

“This was immensely valuable because it allows students to apply literacy skills to the real world. They moved from being consumers of information to creators of information…. That gives them purpose and an audience.” – Lorraine Ustaris, a 9th grade English teacher, Philadelphia

“It’s so common to hear young people don’t consume media, young people don’t know what a good source of news is, they don’t really pay attention to news… where ever it comes from. They are surfing on the Internet, maybe they are getting tidbits there, but they are becoming less and less typical consumers of news. And I think that something so exciting about this is that these kids are tuned in, they are interested, and they are aware. And doing the stories from young people’s perspectives really spreads that.” – Lynne Boswell, Producer of Texas Monthly Talks, KLRU mentor

“It helps you really learn about issues today, current issues that you wouldn’t have known otherwise, and I just feel a lot more enlightened, and I know a lot more now, after doing the PBS reporting labs than I did before I started it.” – Katie, Austin High School student

Watch this video to see how the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs can be incorporated in your classroom:

PBS NewsHour Extra visits Hopi Jr Sr High School
During Summer 2012 PBS NewsHour Extra visited Hopi Sr Jr High School in Keams Canyon, Arizona to kick off the Student Reporting Labs program.

Student Reporting Labs Dropout Phenomenon
Why do kids drop out of school? Student Reporting Labs around the country have been investigating why young people struggle and what is being done to improve the graduation rate in their community.

 Citizens in the Making: West Virginia Teens Report from Capital

Students from Richwood High School in West Virginia interviewed policymakers about education funding and stereotypes portrayed on MTV’s “Buckwild” reality show taped in their home state. Student Reporting Labs mentor Chuck Roberts, of West Virgina Public Broadcasting, was on hand to help them get the best video and audio.

WVPB produced this behind-the-scenes video and talked to the teens about what they’ve learned from the Student Reporting Labs program.

Click here to download the NewsHour Student Reporting Labs Curriculum.