Roadtrip Nation

About The Roadtrip Nation Experience

The Roadtrip Nation Experience is created to help students define their own Roads in life by connecting what they study to their individual aspirations.

In 12 online lessons and a Roadtrip Project, students go through a process of introspection and self-reflection by exploring Roadtrip Nation’s vast Interview Archive of stories with hundreds of Leaders who live lives around their interests and passions.

In the final Roadtrip Project, students take what they learn and create their own local Roadtrips to interview Leaders in their communities about how they got to where they are today. Students capture their experiences in a variety of ways using photos, blogs, and video, which are showcased in Roadtrip Nation’s online Student Community.

The goal of this empowering experience is for students to have a stronger connection to themselves, to their educations, and to their futures.

View an impact report conducted on Roadtrip Nation here.

“At first it is very intimidating because you call people you don’t really know and you get really nervous because you don’t know what they’re going to say. But then they say yes, and you actually get to interview that person.” – Shayla, Student Participant, Spring 2010

“It makes you think ‘I can really be like this person and I can reach this goal.’ After cold-calling and doing all this stuff I realized I can really do it, I can be who I really want to be.” – Maria, Student Participant, Spring 2010

“My dad moved out of my life when I was 6 and when I came here from El Salvador I couldn’t even say ‘Hi’ in English. I wanted to go back to El Salvador, I missed my family really bad. Roadtrip Nation gave me courage because I know that I have to feel comfortable with myself. Now, I don’t care if people don’t understand me, because I understand myself. As long as I feel happy with myself I know that I’m OK.” – Alexandra, Student Participant, Spring 2010

Watch this video to see how Roadtrip Nation can be incorporated in your classroom:

Click here to download Lesson 1 from ROADTRIP NATION.

Click here to download Lesson 10 from ROADTRIP NATION.